Finance Leasing

The Group has incorporated a finance leasing company in Shanghai in February 2016. This subsidiary will focus on leasing business of medical devices and computer equipments.


Medical and Healthcare

In 2017, we have explored to the medical and healthcare business by setting up a brand-new medical centre named the International Medical Centre (“IMC”) with total gross area of 53,500 ft2 in Central, Hong Kong. IMC targets to provide quality medical and healthcare services ranging from day surgery (including minor surgical treatment and endoscopy services), imaging diagnosis (including CT, MRI, ultrasound, and mammography), body check-up, specialists consultation to various other kinds of medical services. The imaging centre, check-up centre and day surgery centre in IMC commenced business since late 2017 while several specialist clinics are still under set up stage. We target to complete all the renovation work and business set up in IMC so as to commence full scope of medical services within 2018. (