Self Photos / Files - IMG_2164First Shanghai Investments Limited ("First Shanghai") was established in 1964 and listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1972 (Stock Code: 0227). It adopted its present name in 1993. First Shanghai is a conglomerate corporation focusing in three business sectors: financial services, direct investments, property and hotel development. Our business is mainly located in Hong Kong and in the economically vibrant regions in Chinese Mainland such as Pearl Delta and the Yangtze Delta. 

The financial services that we are providing include brokerage (securities & futures), asset management and corporate finance. As for direct investments, we target on investment projects which are taking up leading market share of the business sectors that they are operating, mainly in areas such as pharmaceutical and health care, telecommunication and logistic. Projects covered in property sector include the development of office building, residential properties, hotels and recreation resorts, both for lease and for sale.